Next Generation BMW 7 Series Paves the Way for Future Luxury Cars

The next generation BMW 7 Series release is getting closer and closer! Recently, BMW released a teaser clip with a rundown of features you’ll find in the new 7 Series, and it has us all very excited. The new sedan will include numerous features that most people have never even seen in a car before.


The new look for the 7 series hasn’t been shown yet, but the list of features is enough to keep us entertained for now. First, the next-gen 7 series will feature a remote control parking function that allows drivers to park the car even if they’re not in it. This feature is possible with the BMW display key that functions as a remote control and LCD screen.

The next feature revealed is called BMW Gesture Command. Drivers will be able to interact with their car in a whole new way with simple movements. In addition to Gesture Command, the 7 Series will also introduce a new touchscreen navigation system and voice command.

Last, the 7 Series will incorporate carbon fiber throughout its body. The carbon fiber technology saves on weight and increases the structure’s strength.

We can’t wait to experience the all-new 7 Series first hand! Until then, stay tuned to our blog and we’ll let you know what specifics get revealed next.

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