BMW i8 Production Increased with Higher Demand

Popular BMW i8 on display at Chicago Auto ShowThe BMW i8 is selling faster than anyone would have expected—including BMW. The German carmaker recently announced that BMW i8 production has been increased due to high demand, after the hybrid sports car sold out in the UK and its waiting list throughout Europe has grown to 18 months. In the US, this waiting list has reached four and a half months, which is a substantial time in the American market. To keep up with consumers, BMW has doubled demand at its plant in Leipzig.

BMW’s increase in i8 production will mean the assembly facility now manufactures 20 i8s a day, helping shorten the waiting period significantly. This increase in BMW i8 production mirrors the brand’s increase of production for its other i-series vehicle, the i3. In 2014 alone, BMW sold 17,800 i3 and i8 models worldwide, showing that the premium German carmaker is onto something with these eco-friendly, futuristic electric vehicles.

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