Fit for Production: The BMW M Supercar Concept

BMW M Supercar Concept
Does BMW need another sports coupe to go along side the 4-Series coupe?

For years, BMW has been the epitome of sleek and modern design. Boasting German-engineering, track-testing, and opulent materials, the brand has long been synonymous with high performance and luxury.

And the Bavarian company is not about to disappoint now. The renowned South African designer responsible for the Rat Lung Hot Rod and Taasiya T7, Idres Noah, recently released a concept sketch of the BMW M GT design that should whet any car enthusiast’s appetite. Hotter than a snow cone in Phoenix, the sports car, seemingly inspired by the 3.0CS and 850i, is a distant cousin to the M6, and shares many of its mechanics on a lighter frame with a turbocharged V8 engine capable of setting 600 horses loose on the open road.

The sketch from the famed designer reveals a moon roof that hovers over the passenger seats and arches its way to the rear. Upturned headlamps with its side-by-side grille and propeller emblem give the coupe a stern visage, but the curvaceous and sleek lines that embody the cherry red sports coupe soften its countenance.

So, what are your thoughts? Want to see this BMW M Supercar Concept go into production? We at Union Park BMW value your feedback; so leave your opinions on this newest BMW concept in the comments section below.

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