Pace Yourself: The BMW M4 MotoGP

BMW M4 MotoGPBMW has used its new pace car to introduce an exciting new technology. The BMW M4 MotoGP is designed specifically as a pace or safety car, but it still needs to go fast. The all-black MotoGP is outfitted with cop-like flashing lights. It also features a multi-colored swath drawn down the front end. A very cool-looking car, indeed!

The new engine tech is a water injection system. When the intake of an engine takes in air at high-speeds, the air is very hot. This system sprays water in order to cool the air. The result is that the engine achieves a higher charging pressure and an earlier ignition point. When you consider that the BMW M4 MotoGP already features a very capable twin-turbo inline V6 that gets 425 horsepower, that makes for one quick car.

For anyone complaining that this feature will never see the light of production, take heart: it looks like it still might. BMW has gone on the record saying, “In the near future, BMW M Division will begin production of a model featuring water injection.”  We can’t wait to get wet!

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