Downtown Wilmington Revitalization May Mean More Urban-Friendly Vehicles

downtown Wilmington revitalizationIf you’ve been downtown at all, you’ve probably noticed significant changes in terms of scenery. Eliminating vacant buildings and upping the number of residential units, this city is revitalizing everything near the city center.

A recent article in The New York Times talked about these changes, discussing the nearly 400 units that will be built along Market Street before August of next year. Total investment for the downtown Wilmington revitalization? Over $91 million is being pumped back into the city.

Why is the downtown being revamped? To make room for millennials who’ve greatly upped demand near the city center. “People want to live, work and play in the same community, and developers are responding to that,” said Michael J. Hare, VP of the developer for the downtown projects. “We believe the time is right for urban living.”

Although some people say this will eliminate the need for cars downtown, we know the reality of this situation. Not only will public transit increase, but so will the need for urban-friendly vehicles like the Z4 roadster and 6 Series Coupes. BMW offers an array of models perfect for city driving. Who knows, maybe with this big boom, the infrastructure needed for the all-electric i3 and i8 might be installed downtown.

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