Top Four Snow Driving Tips

Snow Driving Tips
2015 BMW X3 taking on the snowy roads.

The snow’s finally come out to play and as much fun as that is, it’s also dangerous. Union Park BMW has put together its top four snow driving tips to help you stay on the road and out of trouble!

  1. Get the right tires. Any competitive driver worth his snuff will tell you that the type and quality of your tires basically act as the limiting factor for your car’s performance. Tires should have 6/32-inch deep tread for adequate snow traction, and winter tires are always better than all-season tires.
  2. Slow down. It seems like a simple tip but it can’t be overstated. Too many people head out into inclement weather only to realize just how bad the conditions are after they’ve already lost control. Learning from your mistakes is good, but making mistakes can be lethal in a car. Just take it easy.
  3. Don’t slam the brakes. This will just make your wheels lock and cause you to simply skid across the road with no control whatsoever. Just ease off the accelerator and let friction slow you down while you steer yourself where you need to go. Be gentle when using the brakes, and pump them if your car doesn’t have ABS.
  4. Don’t ignore the above tips if you have four- or all-wheel-drive. It’ll help with traction, but it won’t transform your vehicle into a SuperSUV!

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