Really Bad BMW Video Review Gets Valet Fired

We would be willing to bet that just about every valet out there has thought about how sweet it would be to take certain cars for a joy ride. Only, thanks to common sense and decency, most of them don’t ever act on that impulse. Except for this guy. (Disclaimer: Please be aware that while this video is hilarious, it also contains foul language. Also, the original video has been removed, but you can find plenty of users who have reposted it).

Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, this valet (who’s actual YouTube user name is ValetDrive’s) gives possibly the worst all-time review of any car, ever. He does absolutely no justice to the M4 (because he knows nothing about cars), although he’s clearly infatuated by it.

So let’s recap. One not-so-intelligent valet decides he’s not only going to take another person’s car for a test drive without permission, but he’s also going to record it. And then he’ll post it online. Genius.

The bad BMW video review quickly went viral, at which time the valet was fired.

Here are a couple of our favorite moments from the video:

“It has this shark-like thing out here to help the aerodynamics.” (In reference to the antenna).

“Whenever you wanna go fast in an M car, you hit the M1 button right here…and oh s***, there’s also an M2 button. What does this do? I don’t f***ing know what this does.”

Here at Union Park BMW, we’re now particularly excited about the BMW that can park itself. Anyone else?

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