BMW Smart Headlights: A Very Bright Idea

bmw smart headlights


The Consumer Electronics Show is where various companies hawk their latest technological innovations. In the automotive sector, consumers expect to see advancements in more obvious areas, like autonomous driving or advanced infotainment. It’s refreshing to see an automaker take a less glamorous component and look at it with fresh eyes, like BMW has done with its revamping of the traditional headlight concept.

Called the M4 Concept Iconic Lights, BMW employed the latest in laser technology to throw a new light on automotive lighting. The benefit of lasers is undeniable. They can project light “up to 650 yards, much further than even LED headlights,” CNET notes. Furthermore, laser light uses filters and will not “blind or harm pedestrians.” To boot, lasers “use a fraction of the electricity of modern headlights.”

BMW smart headlights of the future can also move in a way that traditional headlights do not. The Iconic Lights are made to cast light on a potential hazard when identified as such by cameras mounted on the car.

With Iconic Lights, you get the distinct impression that BMW leaves no stone unturned in its search to make the most technologically advanced and viable automobiles.

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