Southern Californian BMW i8 Selling for extra $100,000

Here at Union Park BMW, we love to look at all of the latest and greatest innovations to hit the automotive market. Of course, our favorites are the offerings from BMW, especially the new i8. But recent news points to even bigger BMW i8 super-fan than we are.

BMW i8 Sold for extra $100,000

The i8 is a hybrid sports car that has caught many an eye, enough for one California dealership to mark up an extra $100,000 for one of the few i8s available. Including the ‘market adjustment’, the total price for this i8 is set at $247,450. But with a waiting list of up to 18 months in some areas, and demand for the i8 growing every day, we can see this BMW i8 selling for an extra $100,000 pretty soon.

The BMW i8 debuted last summer, and since then, the model has soared in popularity. The 96kW/131 hp electric motor powers the front wheels, while a 1.5-liter gas engine works for the back end. The i8 is an unmistakable automotive innovation, with dual engine technology that allows the i8 to go up to 22 miles on electric power alone.

Couple that electric power with a completely unique body style and you’ve got the BMW i8, a car that leads buyers to shell out an extra $100,000 just to get it in the driveway a little quicker.

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