Google Glass Aids in BMW Quality Inspections

BMW teams up with Google Glass
Google Glass could help your next BMW pass its quality inspection.

Google Glass might have its quirks, and at $1,500 a pair, it probably didn’t make your Christmas list this year. But for all its oddities, Google Glass is serving a very important purpose at BMW’s vehicle manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The high-tech glasses are being used in the plant’s quality inspection process.

BMW Google Glass Pilot Program

At the Spartanburg plant, BMW quality assurance employees have been testing Google Glass in a pilot program over the last year, and the results are promising. Apart from minor improvements needed in the software and battery life, Google Glass has proven to be beneficial in “pre-series” car production, when prototypes are perfected for full production. BMW officials are now looking to expand it’s use throughout the manufacturing process.

Google Glass has the capability to capture photographic images and videos, and also displays video, photos, and navigation software for BMW testers to see.

According to, “Two-minute videos are stored for temporary digital review, then collected for repeated problems, set aside, and reviewed by engineers. Using Google Glass avoids vague descriptions and confusion over reports, which BMW says happens with one of every four reports.”

Google Glass is expected to increase accuracy and efficiency in the testing cycle. Here at Union Park BMW, we look forward to seeing how BMW puts this technology to work in other areas of production.

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