BMW i3 Performance: Change is Easier than You Think

BMW i3 Performance
The BMW i3 performance will change your mind about electric vehicles.

Aside from winning awards from the Auto Zeitung magazine, an Auto Trophy 2013, and a Green Mobility Trophy 2014, the i3 was also awarded the Green Car of the Year Award, presented at the LA Auto Show. Adding to its impressive list of accomplishments, this clearly marks the i3 as one of the most eco-friendly cars we’ve seen in a long time.

BMW i3 Performance

So what makes the i3 so special? Well, besides being incredibly efficient, the BMW i3 performance is notable. The 170 horsepower electric motor offers responsive acceleration and the chassis is finely tuned for better handling. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the i3 is that it doesn’t ask drivers to radically change their habits.

“Demand for this electric vehicle, which can optionally be supplied with a range extender, is outstripping expectations. Both in number and diversity, the string of awards the BMW i3 has picked up – starting before the market launch and continuing on an upward trend ever since – is quite exceptional,” said BMW in a press release.

The successfulness of the i3 simply illustrates the quality of the model. To preview the award-winning BMW i3, stop by Union Park BMW today.

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