2015 Automobile All-Stars Include BMW i8, 2-Series

2015 Automobile All-Stars
Congrats to the BMW i8 for making the 2015 Automobile All-Stars list.

Media can greatly influence your perception of specific vehicles, making it difficult to know exactly which car is the perfect one for you. To help you decide on the best cars the industry has to offer, Automobile magazine releases an annual list of the most influential cars in the automotive industry, ignoring the hype of media and instead focusing on the most basic testing to make their decisions. This year, the list of 2015 Automobile All-Stars includes two BMW models that will help turn the industry on its head—the plug-in hybrid i8, and the performance-oriented 2-Series.

2015 Automobile All-Stars | BMW 2 Series
The BMW 2 Series is also recognized on the 2015 Automobile All-Stars list.

To determine which cars are the best of the best, Automobile magazine takes the simplest approach possible. Rather than listing various criteria each car has to meet, like many other car sources do, the magazine merely drives each candidate, argues their opinion on each, and then votes for the best. The BMW i8 was recognized for its innovative approach to the hybrid segment with a surprisingly powerful powertrain and sport car body completely nullifying what you would normally think of as a hybrid. The BMW 2-Series was also recognized for its performance, based on its fun-to-drive characteristics and superb handling that puts other cars to shame.

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