BMW X5 Diesel Engine Gives Luxury a New Meaning

BMW X5 diesel

Luxury and diesel paired together in the new BMW X5 make for, as the brand puts it, “the ultimate driving machine.” The use of a diesel engine in a premium car makes for a quiet ride that is smooth as butter and hard to compete against. This seven-passenger vehicle is ready to take on curvy roads with excellent handling, 255 horsepower, and Sport-Comfort mode that makes the crossover drive more like a sports car.

The BMW X5 diesel is able to achieve close to 27 mpg, which is not bad for considering the vehicle’s mighty hauling power. In terms of speed, says that “The X5’s eight-speed ShiftTronic automatic was easy to reach and a delight to shift. It upshifts by pulling to the rear, as nature intended.” The car also includes supremely comfortable top-of-the-line leather seating, plus wood accents inside the cabin, making this BMW as luxurious as they come. In its most basic form, the BMW X5 diesel comes with a starting price of $56,500.

Come on over to Union Park BMW and try out the new X5 for yourself!

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