BMW i3 Body Kit Revealed

BMW i3 Body Kit
A new BMW i3 body kit has been revealed!

Call us biased, but if you’re a BMW owner, or hope to be, you are among some of the most enthusiastic car owners in the world. Personalizing, improving, and modifying your BMW might be among your priorities, and if you’re an i3 owner, we have good news. One i3, dubbed the BMW EVO i3, has received a sporty-looking body kit.

2014 BMW i3 Specifications

BMW Blog has shown off an i3 that was put together in Japan, and this thing is aggressive, impressive, and just plain cool. The BMW i3 body kit includes fender flares, a rear diffuser, a new front bumper with large air intakes, and 20-inch wheels with blue trim. There is no doubt that the addition of this body kit has likely reduced the i3’s efficiency, but who really cares?

As a matter of fact, since the i3 has no internal combustion engine or radiator behind the front bumper, we have a hard time believing that those intakes serve any purpose at all, other than adding visual appeal. In addition, the wheels on the modified version are quite a bit wider than the i3’s stock tires, which were specifically designed to be extra narrow in the name of fuel efficiency.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice a little efficiency and practicality to achieve a particular look, which is exactly what happened here. What do you think? Unique sporty i3, or ruined electric car?

Stop by Union Park BMW today to check out the i3 for yourself!

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