Power and Intelligence: The All-New 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid

2015 BMW ActiveHybrid

Combining innovative new technology, contemporary design, and BMW’s standard of quality, the ActiveHybrid has become one of the best hybrids on the market. When it comes to the new 5 series, we here at Union Park BMW were not let down.

The 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid makes use of the new generation of powertrains that the BMW engineers in Munich have produced. They feature TwinPower Turbo technology, thermally joined cylinder liners, integrated balancer shafts, and an enhanced rail direct injection system. A standard ActiveHybrid makes use of a 3.0L V-6 version of these engines.

The new engines are also coupled with an electronic motor and an 8-speed Sport transmission. The combination of these three elements helps the ActiveHybrid generate over 335 horsepower and 30mpg.

“It can be an electric car when you need it to be, all the way up to 75 miles per hour. And then, if you want to have a little bit of fun, you can put it into sport mode,” said Jose Guerro, product manager for the BMW i8.

The new hybrid utilizes an intelligent energy management system which helps the car determine when to use electric or gas. It adjusts to slopes, speed limits, and curves and other route-specific data gathered from the navigation system.

The 2015 BMW ActiveHybrid is definitely a car to look out for. To see other cars like it, including the 2015 BMW 535i, stop by Union Park BMW.

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