Australia Buys Fleet Of BMW 7 Series Armored Vehicles

BMW 7 Series
Armored versions of the BMW 7 Series were recently produced for the Australian government.

The Australian government has recently shelled out $6.2 million for a fleet of BMW 7 Series armored vehicles.  There is an upcoming G20 summit in Sydney, and “as the hosts of the G20, the Australian government has an obligation to provide armored vehicles for visiting foreign dignitaries,” said a spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s office.

Considering what kind of attack these cars can withstand, they could easily give the Batmobile a run for its money.  The BMW 7 Series armored vehicles are designed to withstand attacks from AK47s as well as armor-penetrating weapons.  They also come equipped with a self-sealing gas tank, which prevents leaking gas from creating the potential for an explosion if the gas tank is ruptured.  Also, running out of gas would make the cars more vulnerable, and the self-sealing tank helps them stay on the move in case of attack.

Don’t worry: it’s not all business for these armored BMWs. They also have massagers in the seats. We may not have any armored vehicles here, but you should still come out to Union Park BMW to explore our lineup of other great BMW models.

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