BMW i8 Shows off its Drifting Moves

BMW i8 shows off
Race car driver Nelson Piquet Jr. helps the BMW i8 show off its drifting skills.

You may not have heard of the Formula E racing division, but it is the world’s first fully-electric racing series. Naturally, the series had to choose the innovative, hybrid BMW i8 as the safety car.

During the races, the i8 uses an innovative charging system from Qualcomm that involves using a magnetic resonant induction pad for recharging as opposed to plugging in the car. The i8 simply has to park over the pad and charging begins.

In a recent humorous video, Qualcomm engineers attempt to talk about the induction charging method while the BMW i8 shows off its drifting skills.

Behind the wheel is Formula E driver Nelson Piquet, Jr., and he sure knows how to bring the best out of the i8. Admittedly, the engineers do a pretty good job of keeping their cool even while going through some intense turns. Imagine trying to explain your job while sitting in that passenger seat!

Are you aching to get behind the wheel of this unique sports car? You’ll be able to find it right here at Union Park BMW when it goes on sale soon.

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