BMW To Test Money-Saving Electric Vehicle Integration Platform

Electric vehicle integration platform
The BMW i3 is one of the vehicles that will benefit from the electric vehicle integration platform.

It’s called demand charging and it plays an important role in making sure the power grid remains efficient in supplying power to our plug-in electric vehicles as well as other items that require electricity. Through collaboration with seven other automakers, 15 U.S. utility companies, and the Electric Power Research Institute, BMW will begin testing an electric vehicle integration platform that will allow just that.

Demand charging is a process in which vehicle charging is scheduled throughout the day during times when demand for electricity is lower.

As more electric vehicles take to the roads, more plug-ins require charging. The power grid can become overloaded if too much energy is used at once, so the technology will enable utility companies to communicate with the electric vehicles to notify them of the best times and prices for charging.

“This collaboration will make it easier for electric vehicle drivers to save money by enabling the utility to schedule charging for times during the day when demand for electricity is relatively low,” said Cliff Fietzek, manager of BMW Connected eMobility Group. “In addition to this collaboration, BMW is developing technology that will allow our customers to easily control when and how their cars charge, and also to seamlessly integrate with home solar power generation and energy management systems.”

We at Union Park BMW think it sounds like a good plan. What do you think?

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