2014 BMW M235i Coupe Wows Consumer Reports

The BMW brand scored a huge win recently when Consumer Reports, the authoritative product review magazine, named the 2014 BMW M235i Coupe a winner over established subcompact segment giants like the Corvette Stingray and Porsche 911. The surprising and glowing review—well, you might be surprised, but here at Union Park BMW, we’ve seen the M235i perform first-hand—will be published in the magazine’s August issue, which will hit newsstands on July 1.

It was a heated battle, but when the screeching tires halted and the street dust settled, BMW was the winner—the 2014 BMW M235i Coupe posted a score of 98. For comparison, the 911 earned a 96 and the Corvette earned a 92. Also, the BMW Coupe managed to take the victory despite being dramatically cheaper than both the Porsche and Chevy offerings.

“While the M235i doesn’t quite achieve the same acceleration and braking levels of the top performance cars, it’s offers just as much fun in a more refined package that you would be happy to drive every day,” Jake Fisher, CR director of automotive testing, summed up the comparison test. Come in to Union Park today to check out the M235i for yourself!

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