BMW i3 Has Record First Sales Month for US Electric Vehicle


The i3, BMW’s long anticipated first-ever electric vehicle (EV), finally rolled onto American soil and into U.S. BMW dealership showrooms in the month of May. And, after just one month on the U.S. market, the i3 is already breaking records. BMW moved 336 i3’s, most of which were the “fully electric” version, in May, which is a record for first-month EV sales in the U.S.

The Chevy Volt held the previous record, a record which had stood for almost four years, until BMW’s slick bubble of an EV busted it. The i3 is poised for an even better second month of sales, too—and word of mouth from the 336 new i3 owners will only get other people more excited to check out this special luxurious EV. The German automaker made around 600 i3’s available in the US to start, and an inside source for InsideEVs claims that they’ve got another 500 stashed at port and ready to go.

The i3, powered by the eDrive powertrain of an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery,  brings an emissions-free driving experience together with the style and luxury you’ve come to expect from a BMW for the first time. We’ve seen other EVs hit the market and quickly shoot up the ranks, but none of those EVs had the glamour and capability of the i3. Here at Union Park BMW, we’re expecting to help set another record for EV sales in June, so come see us today for more information about the all-new i3.

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