BMW i8 Gets More Mileage Than Anticipated

Union Park
The i8 gets more fuel mileage than expected!

If you’ve been keeping up with BMW’s development of the i8 hybrid sports car, it may interest you to know that the German automaker made a mistake concerning its mileage. The good kind of mistake, not the $395 million settlement kind.

The BMW i8 goes into production in June, and according to BMW, it was going to get the equivalent of 94 miles per gallon. That is, until it recently changed its estimate and bumped that estimate up to 112 eMPG. That’s on the European cycle, but still—it’s more than enough to get the attention of the folks who were hoping for a triple-digit fuel economy figure.

Taking that into consideration, it’s no surprise that the i8 has already been selling like hotcakes before it even launched. Or cupcakes. Or just cakes. Really, the i8 sells about as well as any kind of delicious pastry you can imagine.

Despite deliveries commencing in June, BMW has already confirmed that demand for the upcoming hybrid Ultimate Driving Machine has exceeded the initial supply batch. Looks like people really want to drive a 362-horsepower turbocharged BMW that does 112 miles to the gallon—who knew?

When it’s available, you’ll be able find it here at Union Park BMW! Just make sure you get in your pre-orders, because it might be a while.

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