New BMW Ads Feature Nostalgic Looks at ‘02 2-Series…And Brooklyn Decker

BMW has been rolling out some great new television ads recently. It’s like they eschewed the Super Bowl airtime just to make a big splash in the weeks following the big game. Or perhaps they simply wanted to capitalize on a different sporting event—The Sochi Winter Olympics.

A new ad for the 2014 version of the BMW 2-Series shows viewers the proverbial “passing of the torch” from everyone’s favorite old BMW 2-Series vehicle, the 2002 Turbo, to the 2014 M235i, perhaps the most exciting, turbocharged 2-Series since that iconic 2002 model.

BMW has also been plugging other vehicles, like their new electric vehicles, the i3 and i8, but perhaps the best commercial of all is one for the new 3-Series. In that ad, called “Opportunity Knocks,” recounts a man’s failure to take advantage of fortuitous circumstances in his life—like breaking up with a high-school girlfriend who turned out to be supermodel Brooklyn Decker, for instance. He’s learned his lesson at this point, though—he’s determined not to let the BMW 3-Series pass him by.

Here at Union Park BMW, we hope you’re feeling similarly determined. We’re certainly determined to help you find your perfect BMW match this Valentine’s Day, so come see us today!

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