BMW Already Bracing for i3 Demand to Exceed Supply


BMW might have a problem with their revolutionary new EV, the i3—but as far as problems go, this one’s a good one to have. Though the i3 won’t even officially go on sale until this summer in the United States, the German automaker already expects more demand for the capable EV than the Leipzig production plant can handle.

“We probably won’t get enough in the first year,” Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW North America admitted. “We are still in the learning curve and ramping up production.” Still, Willisch is aware that America will be the i3’s biggest market, so he’s trying to bring over as many of the new vehicles as possible. Already, over 1,000 people have laid claim to i3s, and Willisch doesn’t see that demand slowing down any time soon.

It’s no wonder the BMW i3 is so instantly popular—it’s an incredibly practical EV, with a range of up to 100 miles, stretching to twice that distance with an optional range extender. And you don’t have to drive 5 miles an hour either, contrary to the popular EV perception—the i3 bursts from 0 to 100 mph in a blistering seven seconds.

The i3 hits the market this summer, but if you’re looking to catch one while they’re in stock here at Union Park BMW, we recommend getting your request in early! These babies won’t stick around for long.

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