BMW Debuts Next-Level ActiveAssist Technology at CES

Union Park
The new BMW Active Assist proves to be a ground breaking addition to the BMW fleet.

BMW brought all kinds of great new technology along to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, but none more impressive than the next-generation of ActiveAssist technology deployed in a new prototype vehicle. BMW has amped up ActiveAssist into a legitimate autonomous driving system, and they consider it a major step toward creating a fully autonomous car by 2020.

For now, however, the prototype vehicle can take over the car in emergency situations, giving the vehicle “exceptional provision” at very high speeds or in various dangerous situations. In tests, the prototype performed perfectly—passing tests like regaining control after hydroplaning and automatically changing lanes to avoid an obstacle.

The video that BMW demonstrated at the 2014 CES took our breaths away as we watched a test driver zipping between cones and around a track before simply removing his hands from the wheel and letting the car—a BMW M235i prototype—do all of the work.  We could describe it for you, but we’d rather you just watch it for yourself (because we’re more than happy to check it out for the hundredth time ourselves).

Vehicles in our inventory here at Union Park BMW already feature current versions of BMW’s ActiveAssist technology. Come in and see us today to test-drive vehicles with this technology and to talk to us about the future of ActiveAssist and autonomous driving.

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