BMW i8 Spyder Might Go Down Production Line

Union Park
The i8 Spyder may reach the production stages.

In the car industry, there are a lot of concept cars that never see the light of the manufacturing plant—lucky for us, the BMW i8 Spyder isn’t one of them. While there hasn’t been an official announcement from BMW, a report from Bimmerpost is claiming that the Spyder, which we caught a glance of at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, will be heading out for production.

The introduction of the i8 Spyder would expand the brand’s i8 line, pushing it far beyond the hardtop version of the hybrid. While details about the Spyder aren’t exactly specific, we think it could look a lot like the i8 Coupe with similar mechanical and aesthetic features, minus the roof. The debut of the car is a bit iffy, too, though we think it’s the perfect car to show off at the Geneva Motor Show early this March.

Would you want to see the BMW i8 Spyder rolling onto dealer lots? We here at Union Park BMW definitely would!

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