BMW i8 Comes with World’s First Set of Laser Beam Headlights

Union Park
The BMW i8 is a must have for any green car enthusiast.

The BMW i8 is progressive in innumerable ways. The car has the super-powered capability of a sports car yet sips gas with the efficiency of a compact thanks to a combination of gas and electric power. Heck, it even just kind of dresses the part. Now, just when you thought that BMW couldn’t impress you any further, they top themselves with the announcement that the i8 will come equipped with—wait for it—laser beams for headlights.

If your first reaction—well, second reaction after you stop freaking out—is to think that these lights will blind other drivers, rest assured. The new headlight technology is actually much more precise and focused than previous technology. Therefore, these new lights will not only work better, but cut down on driver distraction as well.

According to BMW, the new laser lights will have twice the visibility range and five times the brightness of any currently deployed headlights. BMW has never before delivered on the promise of the “ultimate driving machine” as well as they have already with the BMW i8, which still hasn’t even been released yet. Even the headlights are special. Check back with us here at Union Park BMW often for updates on the BMW i8 and other news.

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