BMW i8 Sells Out, i3 Breaks Record

Union Park BMW
The BMW i3

If anyone was wondering how well the public would receive a BMW plug-in sports car, wonder no more. According to BMW’s global sales chief, the i8 coupe is already sold out for its first year on the market. Evidently, there are a lot more people interested in hybrid sports cars than some might have expected.

Or perhaps the enthusiasm is not one for electrified sports vehicles per se, but rather for any sort of electrically-powered vehicle that BMW specifically might put out. Its all-electric, range-extended i3 hatchback has already received more than 10,000 orders before even going on sale.

It’s unusual to see such enthusiasm for electric cars, especially before they actually arrive to dealerships. But perhaps that’s because the market was missing a key player. With BMW finally producing electric Ultimate Driving Machines, the company might be tapping into previously dormant demand.

We don’t know how many i8s and i3s BMW plans to sell, but we do know they’ll be showing up right here at Union Park BMW before next summer. See you then!

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