BMW 360 Electric Eases Transition to EVs

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The BMW i8 is changing electric cars forever.

When BMW claims to make the ultimate driving machine, they mean it; now, with both the i3 and i8 set to go on sale in 2014, they aim to make sure they offer the ultimate EV and plug-in hybrid machine as well. The German manufacturer knows that it can be difficult to win car customers over to something as new and different as an all-electric vehicle, though. Therefore, they’ve created BMW 360 Electric, a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to ease you transition from a gasoline-powered car to an EV.

In a press release, BMW refers to 360 Electric as “a portfolio of consumer-oriented offerings designed to overcome commonly perceived barriers to purchasing an electric vehicle.” This portfolio includes a special wall-mounted charger that can refresh your BMW EV in a flash; it takes only three hours to restore the i3 to full charge and only half as long for the i8.

As part of BMW’s partnership with Bosch, 360 Electric customers will receive a free installation consultation. BMW customers with 360 Electric also receive special ChargeNow cards, which can be used at any of ChargePoint’s 14,000 charging stations.

Robert Healey, BMW NA’s Electric Vehicle Infrastrucutre Manager, said that “BMW has applied the lessons learned and customer feedback from our field trials to develop the 360º Electric portfolio.” He added that “electric mobility is new to many customers, and in order to give them maximum confidence and a premium experience, we have given them access to programs and experts that will enable a truly holistic electric driving experience.”

Both the i3 and i8 go on sale in 2014. The i3 is an excellent alternative to a gas-powered family sedan or city vehicle, and the i8 is a mesmerizing high-powered sports car with the fuel economy of a compact. Check back with us at Union Park BMW early and often for news and updates on these additions to BMW’s EV lineup.

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