Futuristic BMW Concepts Take On LA Auto Show Design Challenge

One of the most entertaining and interesting parts of the Los Angeles Auto Show, which begins just next week, is the LA Auto Show Design Challenge. Every year, participants in the challenge come up with ultra-stylish and sometimes ultra-wacky designs for future vehicles. This year’s theme is “Biomimicry and Mobility: 2025,” which seems to have brought out even more unusual designs.


Two of our favorite designs are BMW’s L.A. Subways and S.E.E.D. (Sustainable Efficient Exploratory Device), which both seem to take mobility and efficiency in completely new directions.

The L.A. Subways is an attempt to solve the city’s traffic congestion and simultaneously decrease the environmental impact by exploring forgotten waterways as a commuting alternative. It was inspired by the efficiency of schooling fish and aims to use the unique power-generating process found within cells.

S.E.E.D. is an entirely different machine. Inspired by the maple seed, its goal is to explore the world’s harshest environments in search for new lifeforms. It would use a multifunctional rotating tail and natural elements like solar energy, wind, and gravity as its main sources of mobility.

But if the L.A. Subways and S.E.E.D. are just a tad bit too futuristic for your taste, we’ve got plenty of more conventional yet nonetheless excellent vehicles for you right here at Union Park BMW.

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