BMW i3 Pioneers Combo-Charging Inlet

BMW i3

One of the major concerns with electric vehicles is that they will take too long to charge, especially if you’re on the go.  No one wants to interrupt a trip for several hours in order to charge their electric vehicle at a public charging station.  BMW has taken a large step forward in solving the problem with its Combo Charging System.

The Combo Charging System was developed through collaboration with General Motors, and it allows for the BMW i3 to be fully charged in 30 minutes at a charging station that offers SAE Combo-Charging.

Thanks to the Combo Charging System, the BMW i3 is able to be charged from a standard 110 volt outlet, a 220 volt charging wallbox, public charging station or a DC Fast Charging public charging station all from the same charging inlet.

“The start of the public DC Combo Fast Charging Infrastructure installations in the US is a great base for the US launch of the new BMW i3, because it will offer our customers the ability to recharge their EV in less than 30 minutes instead of the three hours needed with conventional 220 volt public charging stations” said Cliff Fietzek, Manager Connected eMobility at BMW of North America, in a press release.

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