BMW Scoots into the Future


Need a speedy way to get around in style? BMW has announced that the BMW C Evolution, an all-electric scooter, will be released in 2014. The scooter—which runs on a lithium ion battery— will have a range of 62 miles, reach a top speed of 75 mph, and will take only four hours to charge.

A BMW press release claims that the “new electrically powered C evolution now goes even further by fusing riding fun and dynamism with the benefits of zero-emission performance to create a whole new experience on two wheels.” BMW is winning the race to the “new chapter in the urban mobility segment.” Daimler is also creating an electric scooter—but their prototype is much less powerful, only providing drivers with a 28 mph top speed.

BMW continues to pioneer new territory—to basically create the future—of the electric vehicle marketplace. Look for the C Evolution to come out in 2014, but for now, come down to Union Park BMW and test drive one of our BMWs in inventory.

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