BMW Is Ready For The i3 Launch

On the verge of BMW releasing their first all-electric production model, the company is beginning to build up even more excitement.   They hosted the second Sustainability Hackathon last weekend in California to try to introduce new technologies and apps for their electric models.

There were a number of lectures and informative speeches focused on teaching the participants more about the sustainable efforts BMW is pursing so that the participants would know what kind of apps to create in order to help the engineers and electric drivers.

The event is a place for technical and non-technical people to come together, explore sustainable technology, build apps, and hack apps in order to address the most important issues with creating a sustainable future.

Those teams that created the best apps and programs were awarded a variety of monetary prizes ranging from $100 to $1,000.  Some of these new apps and technologies may be used on some of the upcoming “green” BMW technology.

For more information on the BMW i3, visit Union Park BMW or go online to

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