BMW Might Reveal New i4 Model

Aren’t rumors great? I guess it depends on the setting. In high school rumors were always the worst part of your day especially when involving you. However, in the auto world rumors are usually a good thing that leads to new cars.

Enter BMW and the possibly new i4 model. The very big LA Auto Show is being held in November and reports are in that BMW is going to reveal their latest addition to the i series; the i4.

Sources are claiming that the i4 will be a sportier version of the i3 as it will only have 2 doors. But of course, like all new BMW models the i4 will use cutting-edge technology throughout the entire vehicle.

We will be sure to keep you up to date on all the news going on at the LA Auto Show this month. For more information on all things BMW, head on over to our website at

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