BMW Adds I-3 Engine to the New 1 Series

It looks like the new I-3 turbocharged, direct injection, EfficientDynamics engine is coming to the new BMW 1 Series. BMW’s EfficientDynamics family is using what BMW found to be the “perfect” cylinder displacement of .5L. Each of its engines will be this size and generate an expected 54hp per cylinder. With the three-cylinders this will generate 162hp. With this, the new BMW EfficientDynamics engines will be almost identical, with the exception being cylinder count, which will cut down on production costs. The engines will still feature variable-valve timing, fuel injection, and twin-scroll turbochargers that the old 1 Series engines possessed.

In addition to making the engines smaller, BMW is also working on implementing front wheel drive while scrapping current rear wheel drive system for the 1 Series. BMW Development Head, Klaus Draeger said, in regards to the 1 Series engines being used with a rear wheel drive system, “They are not a priority for the 3 Series. We’ll start with the front-wheel drive architecture and more price sensitive models.” These “price sensitive” models will be a sedan and the Family Activity Sports Tourer, aka FAST, five-door wagon. The front-wheel drive wagon is the perfect car to use the I-3 in and properly accentuates the BMW design and quality that has been the standard for years past.

In addition to the 1 Series, BMW has plans to use this new front wheel drive system with its MINI brand. Also, the current 1 Series type cars will be changed to a 2 Series designation to make room for the new, more economical 1 Series. Expect to see these new engines and the new 1 Series models debut in 2013.

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