BMW Ranks as 12th Best Global Brand

BMW has recently been named the 12th best brand in the world by Interbrand, a company that releases an annual list of the 100 Best Global Brands.

BMW only ranks behind Toyota and Mercedes-Benz in terms of Automakers on the list, which is pretty impressive when you factor in how many auto brands are out there today. BMW is sure to make a push toward claiming the number one spot in the years to come.

This is what Interbrand had to say about BMW making this year’s list; “Synonymous with class, performance and style, BMW remains a leading premium brand in the automobile industry and continues to appeal to a wide host of target groups around the world with over 11 million Facebook fans, more than most other auto brands. The key success factors are BMW’s handling characteristics, design, and innovative thrust of the brand. Despite this stellar performance, BMW, the best selling luxury car in the US in 2011, is locked in a battle with Mercedes-Benz for the same honor in 2012. The much anticipated addition of all wheel drive to the redesigned 3-series may prove to be the extra gear that BMW needs to take the lead.”

It’s very exciting to see BMW this high on a list that features other successful companies such as Apple and Google. I can’t wait until next year’s list to see how far BMW has moved up!

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