BMW has produced a 1000-cc class sports bike. For the gaming fans out there, that is roughly 10x more powerful than the vehicles Mario Kart. BMW’s HP4 is using the same four-cylinder engine from the S 1000 RR bike BMW also makes.

The HP4 comes with some cool features, all of them standard. These features include Dynamic Damping Control and a Launch Control system. BMW also says the HP4 is the lightest four-cylinder sports bike in its class; weighing in at 371 pounds. Small changes like the lightweight, titanium exhaust and sprocket carrier and battery have helped shed a few pounds

The engine packs a mean 193 horsepower. And every bit of horsepower is available in all the traction control modes. Torque response has been boosted to 6,000 rpm, and now the traction control is even smoother when the bike is put into Rain mode.

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