BMW Shares Technology To Help US Olympic Team

BMW’s partnership with the Olympics was supposed to be purely for the bottom line of marketing and sales, right? You know, do the normal partnership routine: make some appearances, smile and wave to the fans while showing off a new car or two.

Don’t try to tell BMW that. Their commitment to the U.S. Olympic Team stretches further than shaking hands and writing checks, as you will see in the video below.

Translogic wanted to check out BMW’s efforts to help team USA so they traveled to the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, where BMW is using their car vision technology to help long jumpers. Similar to what BMW is developing for vehicular active safety systems. The camera system that tracks long jumpers can determine velocity in both vertical and horizontal planes by tracking the runner in three dimensions.

BMW’s experimental system installed in a 5 Series does the same thing, but instead of focusing on long jumpers, it’s on the lookout for pedestrians. BMW says future versions of the system would allow the car to take action to prevent pedestrian collisions.

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