BMW’s M Division Amps up Production of M2, M3, and M1

BMW’s M division is known for taking steps forward in engineering that make Thomas Edison look like a casual tinkerer, and releasing cars that make grown men giggle like school girls when driving them. With this in mind it shouldn’t be a shock that BMW M division’s next production blitz is so mind-boggling it would sack Peyton Manning. The goal of this blitz is to accelerate development levels and build a wider range of cars.

It has been reported that the upcoming M2 will have some companionship in the triple-turbocharged M3. Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, it is not just turbocharged, nor the twin-turbo, it is the elusive tri-turbo M3. In addition to the racecar fast vehicles listed, BMW is bringing the M1 super car back to delight of BMW enthusiasts everywhere.

The new M3, slated to arrive in 2014, comes with a tri-turbo 3.3L six cylinder engine that is rumored to put out an astonishing 450hp. Of the three turbochargers, two are standard exhaust gas driven turbochargers but the third is a new electric turbocharger. With the engine layout not specified some think that BMW may deviate from its standard inline engine to a more compact V6 mill. In order to keep performance up and weight down, BMW is using carbon-fiber reinforced plastic and high strength steels that will require less weight. This generates higher fuel efficiency while maintaining performance levels.

After the M3 you have the M2 which will be the 1 Series M Coupe revamped and renamed to free up the M1 designation for the rightful heir to the super car throne at BMW. The M1 has been in development for over 11 years and at earliest would arrive around 2016. Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, Head of BMW’s M Division said, “We have a fantastic history with the M1. The decision on developing this car is open. We’d love to do it.” As for the M1 engine the only news is speculation from the outside that has surfaced. Many believe that V-10 or V-12 maybe in the works so BMW M1 can compete with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin.

In addition to these new M models, BMW plans on releasing special edition models of already existing makes. Also rumored to be in the works is the M version of the beloved and iconic Z4 roadster. Regardless of which cars get the special edition, you can be sure that if the M Division gets their hands on them they will be modified more than a Bond car and racecar fast.

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