Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Now that Spring is officially here, it’s time to start preparing your car for the change in weather. To help with this, we are offering up 5 tips to get your car in Spring-shape:

  • Remove salt from the undercarriage – road salt eats away at the undercarriage, which causes rust. To remove this damaging salt, use a garden hose on full water pressure or take your car through a car wash.
  • Check your tires – tire pressure changes with temperature, up to one pound per square inch for every 10 degrees in outdoor temperature change. Tires that are underinflated can wear unevenly on the sides and can negatively affect gas mileage.
  • Change your wiper blades – snow, ice, and wind can damage your wiper blades over the winter, so it is a good idea to replace them when the temperatures warm up and more rain enters the forecast.
  • Change the oil, coolant, and spark plugs – Along with the windshield wipers, spark plugs take a beating in the winter. So it is a good idea to have these – along with your car’s oil, air filter, and coolant – changed along with the seasons.
  • Give your car a good spring clean – clean out the cabin to get rid of any winter grim that made its way in. The beginning of spring is also a great time to wax the exterior so spring rains will roll right off.

To make sure your car comes out of winter in even better shape than it was going in, bring your vehicle by the Union Park BMW service center for routine maintenance and auto detailing!

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