Professor Drives Coast to Coast on 2.15 Gallons of Gas

Concerned about the rising cost of gasoline? One professor who is dedicated to alternative energy decided to take action against this seemingly ever-rising cost by driving coast-to-coast on less than 3 gallons of gas.

Cliff Ricketts, an agribusiness professor at Middle Tennessee State University, and a team of student technicians made the 2,532 mile journey from Tybee Island, GA, to Long Beach, CA, on just 2.15 gallons of gasoline.  They did so using 3 vehicles that had been refitted to run on compressed hydrogen, batteries, or E95. 

Ricketts original goal was to do so on just 10 gallons of fuel from a gas pump, but he secretly hoped to complete the journey on less than 5 gallons. Instead, the team crushed both of these goals by arriving at the Pacific Ocean having used just 2.15 gallons of gasoline on top of solar, electric, ethanol, and hydrogen fuel.

Prior to his journey, Ricketts said that the reason for the mission was to find an alternative for petroleum-based gasoline, whose prices can be volatile.  The professor stated, “In case there was a national emergency now, it wouldn’t be unrealistic for gas to go to $10 or $15 a gallon in the U.S. If that happens, people will go, ‘What do we do?’ Well, we’ve got a backup plan.”

Ricketts is planning another coast-to-coast trip in 2013, in which he plans to travel on just sun and water.

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