What Your Car Color Says About Your Personality

Is there a link between the color of the car you drive and your personality? We can’t say for sure, but a few studies have been performed and resulted in some interesting answers to this question. Check out the results below and tell us – do you think yours is accurate?


Red cars always get noticed on the road, which makes them the ideal color for outspoken, energetic, and dynamic people, according to many studies.  However, a study from CNW Marketing Research in the U.S. found that many drivers who chose this color lacked confidence.  Red car drivers are also more likely to be involved in an accident than those who drive gray, silver, or blue cars, but not those whose color choice is black, brown, or yellow.


People who drive black cars are empowered, aggressive, and not easily manipulated. They also have a high likelihood of being involved in an accident.


White cars have a similar crash rate to red and green cars, but the cars take a lot more upkeep.  White car drivers tend to be careful, pure, and pay a lot of attention to detail.


Gray car drivers tend to be hardworking, calm, and sober, and tend to have above-average confidence.  Gray vehicles also have a relatively low crash rate.


Drivers who choose silver cars are often cool, elegant, and somewhat detached.  According to the CNW study, they are have a confidence level.  Silver cars are also the least likely to be involved in an accident.


Brown car drivers are categorized as being non-nonsense, reliable, and down to earth, but they are not likely to be overly cautious, as this color of car has a high crash rate.

Cream /Gold

Cream-colored cars are less likely to be involved in accident and are typically driven by reserved, self-contained people.  On the other hand, those who opt for a gold car are independent and want to be noticed.



As one of the brightest colors, it’s not surprising that people who choose this color for their car are upbeat, optimistic, and youthful. However, yellow car drivers also have the highest percentage of crashes in relation to their total number.


Orange cars are often chosen by drivers who are fun-loving, trendy, talkative, and fickle, according to studies.  Their drivers also tend to have fluctuating confidence levels.


Drivers of dark green cars tend to be trustworthy, well-balanced, and traditional, while bright green cars are likely to have owners who are trendy, lively, and whimsical.  CNW Marketing Research also found green car drivers to be the most confident, although they rank alongside red in terms of crashes.


The owners of light- to mid-blue cars tend to be calm, quiet, and faithful, while those who opt for darker shades of blue are often confident, credible, and dependable.  The study by CNW found bright blue car drivers to be lacking in confidence, while drivers of dark blue cars often have an above-average confidence level.  Blue cars are less likely to be involved in an accident than red, green, black, yellow, or brown cars.


Purple cars are relatively rare, so it’s not surprising that their drivers were found to be creative, original, and individualistic.

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