BMW’s Lightest Sedan Yet: the 2012 M3 CRT

2012 BMW M3 CRT Lightweight sedanBMW’s newest innovation is the 2012 M3 CRT lightweight sedan. Boasting impressive horsepower, torque, and standard features, it is a wonder that this sedan is considered lightweight. That is, until one discovers what the “CRT” stands for: Carbon Racing Technologies.

In order to create this lightweight sedan, BMW employed carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic in a whole new way. First, the hood is made of two carbon-fiber sheets covering a honeycomb structure, making it just as strong as the regular M3 but at 50% less weight. The carbon-fiber material is also used on the spoiler and front fascia.

The BMW M3 CRT also sheds pounds thanks to its lightweight titanium muffler, low-weight calipers, and 19-inch lightweight wheels.

But the lightweight technology does not stop there. The front bucket seats are produced with carbon-fiber, further reducing the weight of this sedan. In the end, the Carbon Racing Technology of the M3 shaves off 100 pounds, resulting in a secured a weight of only 3,483 pounds.

While the M3 CRT may be lightweight, it still offers the latest automotive features and innovations. The M3 CRT comes standard with satellite navigation, parking sensors, 7-speed M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic, and an individual audio system. Considering these standard features, the M3 CRT actually saves around 150 pounds.

The M3 CRT does not skimp on performance either.  Equipped with the GTS’s 4.4-L V8 engine, the M3 CRT produces 450 horsepower and 324 lb-ft of torque, going from 0-100 KMP in just 4.4 seconds.

The only possible downside to the 2012 BMW M3 CRT is that it is a limited edition model, with only 67 units produced, However, BMW plans to use carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic for its 2013 i3 and i8 models, assuring that its Carbon Racing Technologies are here to stay.

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