BMW Improves Fuel Efficiency with ECO PRO

BMW’s new iDrive function, ECO PRO, helps teach car owners how to drive in a more eco-friendly way and promote greener driving.  The system offers tangible benefits for fuel efficient driving and is being called a potential game-changer for eco-friendly features of the future.  The three key features of ECO PRO include optimized electric load, bespoke settings with engine ECU, and the ECO PRO display screen.

The most noteworthy feature of the ECO PRO system is its ability to optimize electronic load. The system will turn back the dials on electricity use in accessories such as electric seats and heated rear windows to conserve energy.  For optimal fuel efficiency, ECO PRO also uses bespoke Electronic Control Unit (ECU) settings in the engine.  When the vehicle runs in ECO PRO model, the engine has specific guidelines delivered from the bespoke ECU that tell it how much fuel to deliver to specific elements of the engine.

The ECO PRO display screen shows the driver when they are consuming less fuel than the car’s combined average by diving into the blue zone, indicating that the driver is conserving fuel.  An additional read out also shows how many more miles the driver is receiving from the tank due to their improved fuel efficiency. The system also provides the driver with tips for greener driving. The system is aware that hard acceleration, driving fast, and heavy braking are all driving habits that negatively affect fuel efficiency. Based on these factors, ECO PRO will analyze the driver’s style and provide them with tips for a better return on fuel economy.

The new ECO PRO system is standard on the new BMW 1 Series and 3 Series.

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