BMW Makes the Cut as One of the Coolest All-Wheel Drive Sleds for Winter

As we dive deeper into winter, the importance of a good all-wheel drive system becomes even more evident as we trek through snow and other wintery conditions. Because of this, Motor Trend has released their list of the coolest all-wheel drive sleds for the winter, and BMW has made the cut.

The BMW X3, specifically the xDrive35i trim, was named one of the best all-wheel drives. The staff at Motor Trend was blown away by the speed of the crossover during testing for the 2012 SUV of the Year awards.  The crossover, powered by a 300 horsepower turbo inline-6 engine, went from 0-to-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds. According to Motor Trend, when that kind of speed is combined with the BMW all-wheel drive system and the crossover’s carlike chassis, it creates a “surprisingly quick (and fun) sled for the winter.”

All-wheel drive is so important because it adds two extra patches of traction between the car and the snow. To check out the BMW X3 and experience its all-wheel drive in action, stop by Union Park BMW today!

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