Top 10 Apps for Car Owners

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we live, and have aimed to make many tasks easier and more practical.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many apps have been created to assist with another very important part of our lives: driving.  From improving fuel economy to helping you find your car in a crowded parking lot, here are the top 10 apps that every car owner should have:

  1. Take Me To My Car: This free app, available on the iPhone, allows drivers to find their car in a parking lot by simply tapping the app when they park.  The app records the car’s location and is then able to lead the user back.
  2. Gas Buddy:  This free app works on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone 7 and helps drivers find the nearest and cheapest gas. Drivers also earn points to win prizes for using the app.
  3. iWrecked: This free app is available on the iPhone and Android phones, and assists drivers when they are involved in an accident. Through the app, the user can record a full accident report, including photos, data about the other driver, damage on both cars, and insurance information.
  4. Carticipate:  This free iPhone app helps to make vehicles more efficient. By signing up for Carticipate, people can easily find a ride or share their vehicle, helping to make carpooling an easier task.
  5. Google Maps Navigation: This Andriod-only app gives drivers important data, such as navigation, a traffic view, and a way to search for businesses along your route.
  6. Waze: This free app is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7, and provides turn-by-turn navigation. Waze also provides traffic updates, so you can avoid a route if necessary.
  7. Vlingo:  This free app, which works with Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Nokia, lets drivers use their phone through voice commands.  The app will allow the driver to check email, send texts, and more without taking their eyes off the road.
  8. Rest Area Finder:  This free app, available on the iPhone, allows its users to find out what is available at the next rest stop before pulling in, as well as how long it will take to reach the rest stop.
  9. TripAlyizer.  This iPhone app helps drivers determine how efficient of a driver they are and what their carbon footprint looks like by tracking and storing information about their trips, such as speed and average MPG.
  10. Car Trouble.  Through this app, free on iPhone and Android, drivers can plug in a few symptom descriptions when their vehicle acts up and Car Trouble will provide a few probable causes of the problem, allowing drivers to bring their car to the repair shop with a little bit of knowledge.

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