BMW Auto Start-Stop

BMW EfficientDynamics is an effort to reduce fuel consumption and emissions through various innovations. One of these, Auto Start-Stop, is enhancing fuel economy by automatically shutting the car off when it is stopped.

When engines run at traffic lights, stop signs, or in traffic jams, they continue to consumer fuel even though the vehicle is not moving.  With Auto Start-Stop, the engine shuts off when the vehicle is stopped, and then turns back on when the vehicle is ready to resume motion.  When combined with other EfficientDynamic features, the technology can reduce fuel consumption by 9% in 2012 models, and by up to 25% in concepts.

In order for the Auto Start-Stop feature to be used, the car’s battery must be charged to a sufficient level and the engine must be at a certain operating temperature. In addition, all doors must be closed and, for driver and passenger safety, all seatbelts must be fastened.

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