BMW Developing Laser Headlights

Always a leading brand in automobile innovation, BMW is working on incorporating laser lighting into future models.  BMW already has developed full LED headlights and the “Dynamic Light Spot,” which automatically directs light to pedestrians catching the driver’s attention.  Laser lighting can provide more safety and efficiency than LED headlights.

Laser lighting is monochromatic, making all the light waves the same length.  The waves also have a constant phase difference, making it a coherent light source.  These two characteristics make laser headlights produce two near-parallel light beams. Although intense, there is no risk to humans or any other living being when laser light is used for cars.  It is also not as irritating to the human eye.

The laser diodes are one hundred times smaller than the cells used in LED lighting.  BMW plans to keep the original area headlamps for style; however the size of the actual lights can be reduced.   Laser lighting produces around 170 lumens per watt, while LED lighting produces 100.  This is a significant increase in light output, and can increase the overall efficiency of the car.  Laser headlights will be appropriately introduced in the highly efficient BMW i8 concept car.

The new innovation of laser lighting can lead to more safety and efficiency for BMW cars.  This is suitable for an already leading brand in safety and sustainability.

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