New BMW 5 Series Features Skype

2017 BMW 5 series

BMW joined forces with Microsoft in 2016 in an effort to create some of the most connected vehicles in the industry. As drivers continue to look for more ways to remain productive whenever possible, including behind the wheel, BMW and Microsoft continue to develop the Open Mobility platform. It all starts with the new BMW 5 Series.

Most recently, the 2017 BMW 5 Series launched in December 2016 with full access to Office 365. The communications and collaborative service allow drivers to access their work on the road. Now the partnership is looking to take productivity to a whole new level.

Automakers are already working to curve smartphone usage behind the wheel with hands-free connectivity infotainment systems and integration software, like Apple CarPlay. BMW is taking connectivity to the next level by adding Microsoft’s Skype messaging and video chat program to the new BMW 5 Series.

A car-friendly version of Skype for Business will come installed in new BMW 5 Series models. Drivers on the road will be able to take part in video calls and receive meeting notifications via the infotainment system and head-up display.

The technology is expected to launch in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom first. The rest of the world will follow soon after.

We here at Union Park BMW can’t wait to see what the new BMW 5 Series can do!

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