Best Beaches in Delaware

Many people across the U.S. probably don’t think of Delaware as a beach state. But, at Union Park BMW we know that the beaches in Delaware are some of the best on the east coast. Hop into your BMW and take a summer cruise to one of these gorgeous Delaware beaches.

Best Beaches in Delaware at Union Park BMW

Rehoboth Beach

This lovely, clean beach is the perfect spot to visit with the family. There’s plenty of space on the white, sandy shore to set up a beach blanket and umbrellas for the day. When you need a break from the sun and water, you can walk along the charming boardwalk and get an ice cream or a cold drink.


Lewes Beach

Lewes Beach is the perfect coastal haven for nature lovers. It’s relaxed, laid back vibes are perfect for watching the beautiful sunset on its cape location, and the number of birds and shellfish make it a good spot for observing wildlife, too.


Dewey Beach

If you like for your beach to come with plenty of activities, Dewey Beach is the beach for you. Here you’ll find everything from Jet Ski rentals to a water park, plus bars with live music that keep the party going well after sunset.

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