BMW ReachNow Ride Sharing Service Debuts in Seattle

The new BMW ReachNow Ride ride sharinBMW ReachNow Rideg service debuted in Seattle in early June, creating competition for Uber and Lyft, the other major ride share programs available in the area. Users of the app will be driven in BMW vehicles, providing an extra layer of luxury to ride sharing.

ReachNow, which lets drivers use BMW vehicles that are part of the program for a short period of time, has existed in Seattle for a year now, but ReachNow Ride is the first time BMW is offering a chauffeur service akin to Uber and Lyft. ReachNow Ride drivers are thoroughly pre-screened to ensure a safe, comfortable ride experience, and drivers will use cars from the ReachNow service, guaranteeing they’re clean and well-maintained.

The CEO of ReachNow, Steve Banfield, ensures that there won’t be surge pricing at high-traffic times like on holidays and during large events. The ReachNow Ride service is still in beta testing, but its premium features are already impressive—it remembers your preferred radio stations and temperature. You can even set a “Do Not Disturb” before you’re picked up.

If you’re a Seattle resident or you’ll be in the area, give ReachNow Ride a try! To find out more about the ride sharing service, give us a call at Union Park BMW.


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